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At Bristol & Dubiel LLP, our Texas debt collection attorneys create debt recovery solutions for businesses across the nation that have collection accounts in Texas, including Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Whether you’re a small business with a single unpaid debt in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or a Fortune 500 company with large collection matters, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you recover the money you are due. Our Dallas debt collection attorneys represent all types of businesses, including those that provide goods or services, both secured and unsecured. We will thoroughly examine your case and determine whether the debt is valid, and whether it would be cost-efficient to attempt to recover that debt through litigation.
We handle commercial debt collection of secured and unsecured debt. Such debts commonly include open accounts, defaulted promissory notes, lease obligations and breach of contract claims or any other obligation to pay a debt. While individual debtors in Texas are afforded a number of statutory and constitutional exemptions concerning their real and personal property, business entities have no exemptions. There are several remedies the commercial creditor can pursue to collect its debt or judgment in Texas including sequestration/replevin, garnishment, turnover, receivership and execution.
Commercial debts are not subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and so our first communication with the commercial debtor often is through the service of process where a Sheriff, Constable or private process server, personally delivers a copy of the lawsuit along with Citation to the business debtor’s designated representative. However, there are circumstances in which our clients believe that an ongoing business relationship is still salvageable and, therefore, a demand letter may be the better route to take and make one last attempt to resolve the debt prior to filing a lawsuit. Each case is different and we will discuss all options with the client prior to the initial communication to determine the fastest way to get the unpaid debt resolved.

Our Attorneys Aggressively apply themselves to achieve the best results for the client

Our clients receive professional, thorough and vigorous legal counsel at a fair price. Our representation relies on three important principles:

  • A thorough knowledge of debt law
  • The ability to use that knowledge to our clients’ benefit and
  • Courtroom experience — we will take your debt collection case to trial if necessary to get the desired results.

Bristol & Dubiel LLP provides a full range of commercial Texas debt collection services in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, including:

  • Debt Negotiation, Mediation or Arbitration assistance
  • Commercial Litigation to bring legal action in state or federal courts in Texas to collect delinquent debts, bad debts, and overdue accounts receivables.
  • Pre-judgment Remedies and pre-judgment collections are procedures we use to obtain cash or collateral on behalf of our clients before a judgment is obtained.
  • Post-judgment Collections and post-judgment discovery keep the collections process active and allow us to continue the pursuit of the debtor’s assets long after a judgment has been rendered.
  • Domestication of Foreign Judgments – Whether obtained in another state or another country, we can enter the judgment in a Texas court of competent jurisdiction and immediately begin taking action to collect the debt owed on the judgment. Our Dallas debt collection lawyers recover delinquent debts and judgments on behalf of businesses of all sizes throughout the U.S. and internationally.

We Also Provide Debt  Collection Defense
At Bristol & Dubiel LLP, we also make our skills available to commercial clients who find themselves on the “other end” of debt recovery. Occasionally, small businesses are sued to collect an alleged debt, often under a breach of contract action. If you are involved in a disputed debt situation, we are available to defend you. No matter what your debtor-creditor issue, we are available to discuss your options and determine your best course of action.

We represent the rights of creditors in the collection of overdue accounts, delinquent accounts, and open accounts. Contact our law office to speak with an experienced Texas debt collection attorney regarding your commercial collection accounts or a debtor-creditor matter existing in Texas at (214) 880-9988. Or if you prefer, email us by filling out the form on this website, and we will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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