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Bristol & Dubiel has been practicing commercial law for over 16 years and has close to 35 years in combined experience representing national and international businesses in commercial debt collection matters in State and Federal courts throughout Texas.

Bristol and Dubiel’s clients represent a wide variety of  businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, closely held corporations, physician staffing companies, nurse staffing companies, temporary staffing companies, privately held companies, accounting firms, law firms and oil and gas companies.

Our attorneys assist clients on collecting what they are owed from other businesses.  We also defend businesses that have been sued for debt that is not owed.  Our firm is capable of handling all aspects of the commercial debt collection process including  the enforcement of judgments as well as  pre-judgment and post-judgment litigation.

Our law firm prosecutes and defends debt collection litigation in federal and state courts throughout Texas and regularly obtains judgments on behalf of our clients or defends our clients from having judgments taken against them.  Bristol & Dubiel LLP also regularly conducts asset searches before and after obtaining a judgment so that we have the best chance of turning the judgment into actual cash.

Competitive Fee Plans

Bristol & Dubiel is committed to providing aggressive representation at competitive rates.  Please contact us today and speak with an attorney about your commercial debt collection needs.