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28 09, 2016

Fifth Circuit Weighs in on Time Barred Debt

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The Fifth Circuit has joined the growing split in circuits concerning the collection of time barred debt. In Daugherty v. Convergent Outsourcing, Inc., 2016U.S. App. LEXIS 16531 (5th Cir. Tex. Sept. 8, 2016), the Fifth Circuit joined the Sixth and Seventh Circuit in holding that “a collection letter that is silent as to litigation, but [...]

15 08, 2015

Lender to pay $10M for illegal collection practices

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  This company should pay for its illegal collection practices against consumers, sad what goes on to make a profit, see the story click here:  If you have questions about your rights under the law, please contact an attorney to avoid being a victim of illegal collection practices.  If you are a business that needs debt [...]

26 09, 2013

Cause Of Action For Money Had And Received

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Texas elements for the cause of action for money had and received. Cause Of Action for Money Had And Received The cause of action for money had and received in Texas is a seldom used cause of action in our commercial collections practice because the majority of our matters are based on either written [...]

16 07, 2013

Do you have a debt that is owed to your company

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Bristol & Dubiel LLP has been handling the collection of debts for companies throughout Oklahoma and Texas since 2000.  It is our firms experience that the older the debt, the worse chance to recover it.  Therefore, we recommend that you seek to recover what is owed as fast as your company can.  If you run [...]

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