At Bristol & Dubiel LLP, we do more than just debt collection law, we also provide legal services for most business disputes and breach of contract cases. Our Dallas attorneys have the experience and knowledge of Texas law, so they can evaluate your case from every angle to determine the best course of action you should take

Bristol & Dubiel LLP will aggressively fight on your behalf when a party fails to:

  • Pay for your services or goods;
  • Provide you with the goods or services you paid for;
  • Provide you what was promised;
  • Pay a promissory note or loan owed to you; and/or
  • Comply with the terms of your written or verbal contract.

Once our law firm is retained, we will have one of our breach of contract attorneys draft the appropriate demand letters so that under Texas State law we can seek to recover the attorney fees accrued in litigating your case.  Our lawyers will also aggressively plan and execute litigation strategies with you so that we can make sure to protect your best interests and if necessary maintain your relationship with the other party.

Bristol & Dubiel LLP has handled countless breach of contract claims throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and across the State of Texas.  We understand the great lengths people and businesses will go to get out of paying for services or goods provided to them. They often argue that the services or products were defective or not provided as agreed between the parties. That is why our law firm will investigate these claims and present evidence to disprove these arguments.  Not only does our firm handle litigation, we also handle cases in mediation, court hearings, pre-trial proceedings and arbitration.

With more than 30 years combined experience, our trial lawyers know how to work in the courtroom.  Therefore, if a favorable resolution cannot be achieved, we will file a breach of contract claim in court and seek all legal remedies against the other party. Our attorneys will zealously represent you in court and if a settlement cannot be reached after filing suit, we will be ready to present your case at trial and obtain a judgment against the other party.

To speak with a knowledgeable, dedicated, and aggressive Dallas breach of contract / business litigation attorney, call (214) 880-9988 for a free consultation today!